Mount Shasta – The North Face  is a special project that came into being after prominent collectors from northern California shared with me their desire to see more paintings of their beloved Mount Shasta – particularly the majestic north side, a part of California that is often overlooked by contemporary landscape artists.

We decided that we would remedy the apparent scarcity of paintings by inviting a select group of artists to travel to Mount Shasta and paint the environs en plein air.

I specifically chose four nationally renowned artists, each who would bring his own style and unique interpretation to the project. Other factors that I took into consideration were that their works should be complementary as a whole, and that the artists were convivial – as they would be spending two weeks together.

Artists Peter Adams, Daniel W. Pinkham, Frank Serrano and Alexey Steele set off together in the latter part of May 2005 eager to depict the rarely painted surroundings of Mount Shasta’s north side. Equipped with their portable easels, hiking gear, mountain bikes and seven dogs, the artists caravanned from Los Angeles up to California’s true north.

Mount Shasta is the second highest volcano in the United States and is recognized as one of the most sacred mountains of the world. Mount Shasta provides pure waters to the Sacramento Valley and has a rich biodiversity, numerous pristine natural sanctuaries, and revered areas of high significance to Native American cultures.

I am delighted that American Legacy Fine Arts could be part of this very special journey to capture this stunning and spectacular region of the Golden State.

~ Elaine Adams
American Legacy Fine Arts, LLC

The Artists’ Diary