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Tony Peters was born 1976 in Worthington, Minnesota. He immerses himself in the rich environs of southern California’s urban landscape. He explores city neighborhoods with artistic passion, searching for their heart and personality, and uses as backdrops the streets, train yards, river beds, and freeways of southern California.

At an early age, Peters was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. While a student, he worked at the renowned Mendenhall Gallery. Since graduating, he has had a prolific career as an artist, with more than twenty gallery shows, feature articles in national magazines, and private commissions. His first love remains the urban landscape of southern California, where he continues to be inspired by the inner character and energy of the city. He is one of a new breed of young artists reflecting the urban life with contemporary stylings and artistic techniques.

His vision is inimitably his own with a perfectionist’s attention to light, shadow, color, composition, and detail. Peters’ exacting style reflects the influences of artistic icons such as Edward Hopper as well as those with whom he worked closely at the Mendenhall Gallery including Richard Bunkall, Ray Turner, and Mark Ryden. His subtly implied storylines are an enriching psychological drama of urban life.

Selected Press

Newspapers & Magazines: Southwest Art Magazine, California Art Club Newsletter, American Art Collector, Southwest Art Magazine, Best of the West

Professional Memberships

Artist Member, California Art Club

Selected Achievements

Urban Landscape Award, California Art Club at the 98th Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition, held at Pasadena Museum of California Art


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