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Contemporary American artist Alex Tabet was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1988. As a young boy, Alex began exploring art by studying art books and taking online lessons. In early 2019, he began studying figure painting from life in oil with Julia Diller at the Atelier of Fine Art, in Los Angeles. He later continued his training in a self-taught way, learning much from online tutorials and workshops from several notable classically-trained artists such as Andrew Tischler, East Oaks Studio with Alex Venezia, Michael Klein, Louis Carr, Stan Prokopenko, Marco Bucci, and Scott Waddell.

Statement from the Artist:
“Art has been a part of my life since I can remember. As a child, I frequently lost myself for hours in a drawing. The world around me vanished as I became immersed in my paper creations. My passion for art deepened through devouring art books and online lessons, guiding me naturally towards the realm of portraits and figures. Eventually other life focuses pulled me away from art, and I didn’t draw again for ten years. My once-beloved art became a forgotten childhood hobby. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a biology degree, I relocated to Los Angeles and dedicated myself to the pursuit of an acting career. I learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined, for acting is a craft of self exploration and expression. In the closing months of 2018, an encounter with exceptional representational fine artists on Instagram rekindled memories of my childhood drawing days. Their work stirred a deep yearning within me to create again. So, I posted an old piece from my teenage years. To my astonishment, within an hour, I received my very first commission. The moment I took up the pencil, my love for drawing surged back to life.

My passion to create awoke after a decade of dormancy. Many sleepless nights passed, for I was unable to leave my drafting board. I continued to draw, taking on new commissions, and my acting rehearsals transformed into discussions about art rather than acting. It was then that I realized my true passion lay in visual art. However, drawing was no longer enough for me. I wanted to learn how to paint in oils. Never having painted before, I began studying at the Atelier of Fine Art, an Art Renewal Center (ARC) approved atelier in Los Angeles. I was so new to painting that I didn’t even know what a hog bristle was. Soon enough, with a lot of dedication and hard work, I began progressing very rapidly.

Most of my free time now is spent behind the easel, oftentimes losing sleep because I find it hard to pull myself away from the canvas. In just my second year of painting, my work began to gain national and international recognition from respected art institutions and magazines. I have found my calling. With a paintbrush in hand, I look forward to the what the future may bring.”

Predominantly a portrait and figure painter, and an occasional still-life painter, Alex Tabet shares that his recent interest is in capturing the “in-the-moment” experience.

Professional Membership
California Art Club - Artist Member

Selected Publications
February 2024, Issue 220 - American Art Collector Full Page for Winning the American Art Collector Award of Excellence (Afternoon Slumber)

Nov/Dec 2023 Issue of Artists Magazine - Third Place feature in the Artist’s Network “Artists to Watch” Competition article. (Young Serenity)

ArtistsNetwork.com 2023 online article for winning Best of Show in Artists Network Magazine’s Second Annual Pet Portrait Competition (A House Cat)

16th International ARC Salon Book - 2023 - “International Realism” (Clocks and Peonies, A House Cat, Bohemian Blue, Beside the Candelabra)

The Almenara Art Prize 2023 Book - Portrait Finalist (A Night Out)

April/May 2021, Issue 138 - International Artist Magazine feature as a finalist in the Portrait and Figure Challenge. (Leather and Thread)



Selected Awards and Honors

2024    Award of Excellence, American Artist Professional League’s 95th Grand National Exhibition

2023    Winner of the American Art Collector Award of Excellence in the American Artist Professional League’s (AAPL) 95th Grand National Exhibition, NYC (The Red Book)

2023    Portrait Finalist, Almenara Art Prize, exhibited in Cordoba, Spain. (A Night Out)

2023    Best of Show Winner, Artists Network Magazine's Second Annual Pet Portrait Competition (A House Cat)

2023    Third Place in Artist Network Magazine’s “Artists to Watch” Competition for Portrait and Figure (Young Serenity)

2023    Four-Time Finalist in the 16th Annual International ARC Salon (Clocks and Peonies, A House Cat, Bohemian Blue, and Beside the Candelabra)

2023    Semi-Finalist in the 16th Annual International ARC Salon (Lucid Dreaming)

2022    Finalist in Southwest Art Magazine’s Artistic Excellence Competition (Beside the Candelabra)

2022    Finalist in the July 2022 Bold Brush Painting Competition (The Red Book)

2022    Finalist in the June 2022 Bold Brush Painting Competition (Clocks and Peonies)

2021    Two-Time finalist in November |11th Plein Air Salon (Bohemian Blue and A Brother’s Portrait)

2021    Finalist in the 15th Annual International ARC Salon (Leather and Thread)

2021    Semi-Finalist in the 15th Annual ARC International Salon (Lucid Dreaming)

2021    Top 10 Finalist in International Artist Magazine’s Portrait and Figure Challenge (Leather and Thread)

Press and Publications

American Legacy Fine Arts presents Alex Tabet in Artists Network Magazine, Winter 2023.

Alex Tabet in Artists Network Magazine, Winter 2023

A young, untroubled woman takes a moment to smell a flower. Her flowing white dress signifies youthful innocence. Towering behind her, an aged grandfather clock presides over each ticking moment …

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Alex Tabet Awarded Artists Network’s 2nd Annual Best in Show, 2023

After a 10-year hiatus from art, this mostly self taught artist embraced his talent and began earning awards and accolades. Meet our “Best in Show” winner and explore his work.

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American Legacy Fine Arts presents Alex Tabet in International Artist Magazine, 2021.

Alex Tabet in International Artist Magazine, 2021

My Inspiration: I love painting people. my Joy is to not only capture a person’s likeness, but more importantly their essence. An entire story can be told simply from an …

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