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Adrian Gottlieb (b. 1975) paints marvelous figurative compositions, portraits and genre scenes. He is a portraitist whose vision is so penetrating and profound that it seems as if he sees into the souls of his sitters. In his portraits we somehow see timelessness itself. We all have occasional flashes of heightened awareness, but Gottlieb seems to operate at that level all the time. He is glad to share these moments with us and help us relive our own, showing us the mystery and often-miraculous perception of the people he portrays. Most importantly, we glimpse a deep, quiet, patient, inexhaustible compassion for humanity…. Gottlieb’s paintings do not resemble those of any recognizable master, and yet he is most definitely an artist’s artist. Indeed, the more one knows about the craft of painting, the more one appreciates his work. Hard and soft; lost and found; warm and cool; intimate and detached; unified and varied; lit and shadowed; hopeful and despairing; rhythmic and silent – it is all here, to the extent that Gottlieb makes it look easy to hold in balance all the contrary forces that define a human being, and this world.”

—Daan Hoekstra, artist and regional editor for Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine

Adrian Gottlieb is an internationally-recognized artist who began painting commissioned works at an early age. His extensive fine arts education includes a degree in Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology and summer programs at the Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy. Following his undergraduate studies, Gottlieb enrolled at The Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy to complete three years of intensive training in drawing and classic painting.

Gottlieb’s themes are wide-ranging; however, his emphasis is on painting figurative compositions and commissioned portraits. His impressive list of sitters includes American statesmen and European nobility.

Adrian Gottlieb has the ability to infuse the two-dimensional surface with a luminous vitality, creating a palpable energy that is unique to his work.

Selected Collections

Nokia Corporation, Espoo, Finland; Ollila Estate; Wilton House and Pembroke Estate, Wiltshire, UK; Saint Sophia Cathedral and Huffington Center, Los Angeles, United States of America

Professional Membership

Signature Member, California Art Club

Selected Publications

Newspapers & Magazines
American Artist, Apollo Magazine, Art & Antiques, Artist Advocate, The Artist Magazine, The Burlington Free Press, California Art Club Newsletter, Epoch Times, Fine Art Connoisseur, International Artist Magazine, The Patriot Ledger and Southwest Art

The 25th Anniversary Commemorative Book, The Florence Academy of Art: The First 25 Years, 2015; L'amore Rubato by Dacia Daraini, Published by Rizzoli International, 2012; Drawing Inspiration: Visual Artists at Work, by Michael Fleishman, 2010; Realism Revisited, The Florence Academy of Art, by Gregory S. Hedberg PhD, Published by Hirshl & Adler Galleries NY, NY, 2003;  Realism Revisited, The Florence Academy of Art, by Gerald Ackerman, Daniel Graves, R. Kober and G Lindner, Published by The Panorama Museum, 2003


Selected Achievements

Best Single Figure Painting (painting, Dobrota), California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition, held at Autry Museum, Los Angeles

Exceptional Merit, International Portrait Competition (painting, Elysian Fields), Portrait Society of America

First Place in the Portrait and Figure Category, The Artist’s Magazine

Second Place, International Portrait Competition (Painting, Jennifer), Portrait Society of America

Cover Competition Winner, October 2008 issue, American Artist Magazine

Press and Publications

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Adrian Gottlieb Featured in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Winter 2022

Based in Urbana, Illinois, the artist Adrian Gottlieb (b. 1975) has been highly regarded in the world of of contemporary realism for almost two decades.

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“Reflections” is a collection of work from Adrian Gottlieb. The exhibition is on view through August 17, 2018, at American Legacy Fine Arts, Pasadena, California. “Gottlieb’s personal fascination with interpreting …

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American Legacy Fine Arts presents Adrian Gottlieb featured in American Art Collector magazine, August 2018 issue.

Adrian Gottlieb Featured in American Art Collector, August 2018

A new exhibition now open at American Legacy Fine Arts in Pasadena, California, presents new paintings by Los Angeles artist Adrian Gottlieb, whose works—many titled after important figures in Greek …

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