Ramón Hurtado (b. 1989) is a contemporary landscape and genre painter living in Los Angeles. His work aims to capture the everyday mysteries of life in Los Angeles, exploring the beautiful absurdities of urban existence and responding to the rich aesthetic experiences created by the desert sun. Born in Tijuana, Mexico, Ramón developed an affinity for complex, visually indulgent imagery from an early age. While in college, Ramón underwent rigorous training in life drawing, anatomy, composition, figure and landscape painting under Glenn Vilppu, Will Weston and Adrian Gottlieb. After graduation, he received the Stacey Scholarship and completed his studies with Robert Liberace, in Washington D.C. Ramón has exhibited at Principle Gallery, the National Cowboy Museum, the Autry National Center and the USC Fisher Museum. He currently teaches drawing and painting at the Safehouse Atelier and Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art.