American Legacy Fine Arts offers expert advice and consulting on all aspects of owning fine art, including buying, selling, donating, insuring and collecting.


ALFA can provide you with professional resources to assess the financial value of your collection and individual works of art with detailed appraisal reports suitable for insurance purposes, estate valuations, tax planning, charitable contributions, or to simply keep for your own records. Information is based on research performed with experience, and involves gathering and comparing data from various professional sources, including auction houses, collectors, curators, gallerists, consultants, and specialized market analyses.

Through our select resource of leading licensed appraisers, we can connect you with the best-qualified expert.

Art Appreciation Programs/Private Events

As a gallery, we appreciate art on many levels and enjoy the experience of sharing work that we have procured for sale. Our gallery is designed to host events for our artists, our clients, and others in the local community as well as out-of-town visitors. Throughout each year, we host artist talks, museum group tours, and unique settings to present inspiring collections.

In addition, we offer a beautiful venue with an art-centric décor to host your own private event.

Art Estate Planning/Investing in Art

Investing in art is about finding work that is valued for its beauty and rarity, not hyped up or plagued with inflated prices. People should collect for long-term interests by adopting a strategy of value investing.

When buying original works of art, one should consider the following:

  • Provenance: Documentation of the history of the artwork, its creation, ownership, exhibitions, and publications
  • Attribution: Authenticating the artist to the work
  • Verification: Make sure the work is what it should be
  • Condition: Make sure the work shows little or no modification according to age or wear

Art Loans

Original works of art can be made available for loan on a temporary or rotating basis.  Locations that wish to display fine art may include corporate offices, home tours, movie sets, luxury hotels, staging, etc.

Commissioning Artwork

We work with more than 20 award-winning painters and sculptors offering various styles and mediums who can be commissioned to create enduring and personalized works of art for public or private display.

Conservation and Restoration

The maintenance and preservation of fine works of art are essential in protecting the beauty and value of the artwork. In the case of already damaged art, the goal is to repair the work to appear in its original undamaged condition. Our network of specialized art conservators is among the most advanced in science and technology in the industry.

Crating and Shipping

We understand the importance of preserving value and ensuring safe travel for works of art. For this reason, we have partnered with the same local art handling and shipping company since our founding in 2003 as our primary resource for secure worldwide shipping.

Art Consultation/Design Services

The ALFA Team believes in providing superior personal service in assisting private and public collectors. We take pride in helping our clients find art that perfectly suits their collecting interests and budget.

In addition, we extend our consulting services to interior designers and architectural firms, and always respect the client-designer relationship. On-site art presentations can be arranged.

Our private gallery offers an ideal setting from where one can discuss and contemplate various works of original fine art in peace and tranquility.

Framing Resources
We can help guide you in considering the many framing options and finding the suitable custom frame maker

Installation and Lighting
We can help you decide on where and how to display works of art that would present them to their best advantage in terms of lighting, space, and overall collection consideration.

Resale Consignments
If you are interested in reselling some of your collection, we can help. If you acquired art from our gallery that you wish to resell, our familiarity with the artist and work will help you retain value. If you have works of art that were not acquired from us that you would like to sell, we have a process to ensure that we capture as much information as possible to help the work sell well.