Adrian Gottlieb

Adrian Gottlieb


  • Oil on linen
  • 33" x 31", artwork
  • 38.5" x 30.5" x 2.5", framed
  • Contemporary

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Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts directly from the artist

The subject of a young girl or adolescent with an open book suggests various symbolic interpretations, including intelligence, wisdom, faith, and dreams. The theme has been popular with artists throughout centuries. The 19th-century French academic painter, William Adolphe Bouguereau, created several paintings utilizing the motif, perhaps his most popular being The Story Book (collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art), which portrays a radiant child as a symbol of faith. The notion of innocence pursuing knowledge emphasizes a universal quest for understanding the purpose of life. In Becoming, Gottlieb submits to the viewer an open dialogue of possibilities.

“Gottlieb’s personal fascination with interpreting ephemeral, yet deep, thoughts as a form of poetic idealism in painting prompts a distinct art language that merges the worlds of Realism and Impressionism. By applying the classical skills of the Old Masters, his contemporary subjects are given an enigmatic and timeless appeal.”
—Elaine Adams
Director, American Legacy Fine Arts

"Adrian Gottlieb: Reflections," American Legacy Fine Arts, July 13 – August 17, 2018

Editorial, American Art Collector, August 2018, pg. 106

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