Because American Legacy Fine Arts, LLC is so strongly committed to building a comprehensive art collection for its clients, we are turning our focus to sculpture this fall. Sculpture is an integral part of a well-rounded art collection. Not only does sculpture add diversity, it adds interest, depth and dimension to any room.

Beginning in October, ALFA will present work from some of the leading contemporary-traditional sculptors during a sculpture exhibition. Along with ALFA sculptors, Béla Bácsi, George Carlson and Sabin Howard, we have invited award-winning sculptor Peter Brooke, as well as emerging young talent, Karen Cope, to participate in this special exhibition.

During the duration of the exhibition, we invite you to attend a special series of programs, ‚”Living with Three-Dimensional Art: Adding Sculpture to Your Life.”

We are pleased to present our discerning collectors with the opportunity to discover the beauty and power of sculpture.

~ Elaine Adams
American Legacy Fine Arts, LLC