Jove Wang’s Brush Blends Cultures

The delight is in the details in Jove Wang’s paintings. For example, compare two at his plein airs from his travels in Italy:

“Morning in Venice” shows a boat moored in the gray waters of the canal near some buildings. It is fall and the fog has not yet lifted in the city, so here, Wang captures tho scene with subdued hues. The foreground of the work is clear, while the background melts into a blur, making you almost feel the moisture in the air.

The other, “Fish market in Venice,” takes place in summer. Bright red curtains billow out a building’s arched doorways, the canal water glistens and people are busy shopping in the background. This painting boasts bold colors and crisper lines, evoking the warmth of the day.

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jove wang brush blends cultures