Béla Bácsi & Alexey Steele

If everything about the world and ourselves were simple and known, there would be no wondering—and probably no art. But life comes tied with a big bow that invites curiosity, inquiry, and the anticipation of secrets revealed, or at least explored. The American Legacy Fine Arts show entitled Curiosity: The Inner Self presents the remarkable results of such exploration by two artists: stone sculptor Béla Bácsi and painter Alexey Steele. The show opens on November 16 with an artists’ reception from 4 to 6 p.m. and continues through December 21.

Hungarian-born Bácsi is recognized as one of the most highly skilled fine-art marble carvers in the world, continuing a family stone-carving profession that reaches back at least four generations. CURIOSITY, which began as a 630-pound chunk of marble, provided inspiration for the show’s theme. Explains gallery director Elaine Adams: “We want to take viewers on a cerebral journey that transports them away from their everyday existence to deeper, dream-like experiences that will inspire them to re-examine how they view their lives and the world around them.”

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