Three to Watch

Krista Eubanks (b. 1960) is fascinated with nature, especially with animals. Though she paints in oils, the bulk of her work is made with watercolors and pen and ink on paper. Her sheets are generally large, enriched with scattered writings that are her personal expressions and daily reflections. Most viewers find it hard, however, to take their eyes off the extraordinarily palpable creatures she conjures in sepia tones, each with his or her own personality. Be they goats, hares, sheep, cows, birds, deer, horses, bees, or caterpillars, these are beings as sentient as we are, never cute or sentimental. Most are presented up close or tightly cropped, eschewing scientific descriptiveness in order to bring us nearer the individual’s psyche. Though most suggest no particular narrative, a few have been magically equipped with bullets or rifles, which may well give us pause before we plan our next hunting weekend.

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American legacy Fine Arts presents Scott W. Prior in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine Spring 2016 Issue.