Main Situ – Following His Heart

For many people, “follow your heart” is a naively optimistic slogan on a motivational poster. For artist Mian Situ, it’s a proven life philosophy.

“I have a daughter,” he says. “She’s in college, and she always talks with me about what she’s going to do. She’s in her junior year, and she still doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Every time she asks for my opinion, I tell her, ‘I can’t tell you what to do; you have to do what you like. Other people will tell you what has good earning potential, what will make you lots of money, what will get you a job. But you have to follow your heart. If you follow your heart, if you have a passion for what you’re doing, you’ll find success.’”

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American Legacy Fine Arts presents Mian Situ in Art of the West Magazine Summer 2016 issue.