A Visual Poet

California artist Dan Pinkham wants to leave behind a legacy. Yes, his paintings will continue to be his spiritual voice into perpetuity, but he wants there to be more. His studio, a 16th century replica of the Italian Chapel that Michelangelo used as a studio when he painted the Sistine Chapel, will be that legacy. Pinkham and his wife Vicki, along with a nephew and fellow artists, have spent years refurbishing this relic. In fact, when they first saw the property, slated for demolition, it presented a daunting undertaking that neither Pinkham nor his wife felt inclined to tackle.

Besides, he already had a lovely studio that he was sure would be his last. So, just like the city of Palos Verdes, California, which was ready to walk away from this forlorn scrap of an edifice by razing it, if it could not be sold, the Pinkhams were ready to leave it behind. But they didn’t. It was almost as though the building had touched something deep inside the husband and wife, eroding the resolve to turn their backs on it.

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American Legacy Fine Arts presents Daniel W. Pinkham in Art of the West Magazine Fall 2016 Issue.