Fleeting Moments

The tradition of plein air painting is one that has lasted over the centuries, with artists setting up their easels and reinterpreting the sights of the great outdoors firsthand. In the new exhibition Fleeting Moments: Works en Plein Air at American Legacy Fine Arts in Pasadena, California, 25 artists are spotlighted, with their perspectives on plein air painting being revealed. According to the gallery, the show will feature more than 40 works that

capture the ephemeral qualities of light.

Fleeting Moments joins the discourse in defining contemporary plein air painting and explains the practice as creating works outdoors, al fresco, as a way of expressing spontaneous reactions to a subject affected by natural light and atmosphere,” says gallery director Elaine Adams. “The key to understanding the concept of plein air is in evaluating the artist’s success in capturing a realistic sense of natural light and atmosphere and their combined effects in a moment of time that has stirred the artist’s emotion—whether completely painted on location or further refined in the studio.”

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