Contemporary Women Artists

A selection of today’s leading realist and surrealist painters discuss their artwork.

Realism is coming back! Lost to decades of abstract art, contemporary figurative painting is experiencing a rebirth in a variety of styles. Contemporary figurative artists are becoming more popular among the gallerists and collectors alike, and with that the female artists rise and take part in more art shows than ever. Let’s look at the roundup of some women painters who continue the tradition of classical painting yet are subjected to modem times and revelations.

Every artist wants to achieve a unique voice in art that becomes a record of emotions, experiences and history. Many are influenced by Baroque painting, wish to find purpose or to depict the duality in everyday life. Yet, the approaches to painting are vastly different. In this interview, painters answer a single question: What do you want others to see in your art?

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American Legacy Fine Arts presents Teresa Oaxaca in American Art Collector Magazine, March 2018.