Tim Solliday

Tim Solliday

Batiquitos Lagoon

  • Oil on canvas
  • 30" x 40", artwork
  • Contemporary

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Located in North County San Diego, Batiquitos Lagoon is a picturesque coastal wetland within the city limits of Carlsbad. The 561-acre lagoon is protected by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife as a game sanctuary and bird estuary. The area is a wonderful respite for hikers and naturalists—and for those few plein air artists who have discovered it.

In this painting, Tim Solliday captures a stately panorama view of Batiquitos Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean in the distance. The viewer is instantly drawn into the scene and compelled to hike the trail through the California sagebrush, buckwheat, and stands of eucalyptus. Solliday's bold brushwork and sensitivity to design bring together a rugged, however, poetic experience.

Annandale Country Club, Pasadena, California, 2017

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