George Gallo

George Gallo

Farm Houses in Morning Mist; Las Virgenes Canyon, Malibu

  • Oil on canvas
  • 18" x 24", artwork
  • 24.75" x 30.875" x 1.75", framed
  • Contemporary

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Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts directly from the artist

Gallo warmly depicts a farming house surrounded by the scenic, unspoiled California landscape. The blurred brushstrokes reflect the look of early morning mist. The farmhouses cannot be differentiated from the surroundings. Gallo illustrates the overwhelming beauty of nature over mankind. The surrounding environment visually consumes he farmhouses and displays nature's inability to be suppressed.

Los Angeles Art Show 2013

The painting has been featured in Rosemary & Co Artists Brushes catalog (page 7, Issue 5, March 2015) as an illustration to the interview with George Gallo.


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