Christopher Slatoff

Christopher Slatoff


  • Bronze
  • 10" x 6" x 6", artwork
  • Contemporary


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Acquired directly from the artist be American Legacy Fine

Artist's Statement
"This sculpture is about silence and waiting. It is a study of time spent in the wilderness. Hagar is the perfect embodiment of that spirit of waiting. She finds herself exiled  due to no fault of her own. Still, there is an acceptance of her fate. I find a great emotional truth in this story.

The crouching pose creates a very compact form. The solid mass of this figure is further weighed down by the thick drapery of her cloak. St Paul describes Hagar as Mount Sinai and that is how I depicted her. Like a mountain, rising out of the desert, waiting for the voice of God. The redemption in the story is that the son she bares, Ishmael, means 'God Hears'."
—Christopher Slatoff

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