George Gallo

George Gallo

Late Fall off of Mulholland Drive

  • Oil on canvas
  • 18" x 24", artwork
  • Contemporary

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Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts directly from the artist

This California plein air painting was created at one of the artist's favorite locations in Malibu Canyon, a place he frequents for inspiration in his work as a fine artist as well as a film director. This particular painting features Southern California's quintessential western terrain. With thick impasto and confident brushstrokes, Gallo interprets the vibrant colors of autumn. He says, "I connect to nature at most in the fall. The earth puts on its best show of color before retiring for the winter season. My goal here was to capture both the wonderful interactions of warms and cools as well as my own personal feelings of joy." Mulholland Drive has a rich, historic connection with old Hollywood westerns, and continues to attract visitors today.

Los Angeles Art Show, LA Convention Center, 2013 and 2014

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