Adam Matano

Adam Matano


  • Bronze
  • 9" x 7" x 6", artwork
  • Contemporary

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Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts directly from the artist.

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Artist Statement
“I find it fascinating that we are intentionally, or unintentionally, indoctrinated with the idea that we are superior to nature. But are we? We are animals too. If we realize our connection the natural world, and base our actions on logic, rather than just biological responses, we could see the bigger picture. We could save species, protect them and create a system to thrive in. Taking action, not just in our own interests. If we don’t care and just live for ourselves, then we are actually no better that nature and a slave to it – survival of the fittest.”
—Adam Matano

California Art Club's 110th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition, Hilbert Museum of California Art at Chapman University, Orange County, California July 10 - August 7, 2021

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