Alicia N. Ponzio

Alicia N. Ponzio

Portrait Study I: Mr. Koch

  • Stained plaster
  • 18" x 10" x 10", artwork
  • Contemporary

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Artist Statement
“When developing a figure composition, I'll often work with models to help me visualize the piece, posing them and studying the shapes that their body will create. Through the model, I'll also study the expressive qualities of the piece and how to communicate them to the viewer. It's a cooperative aspect of the mostly solitary work that I do, and an aspect I enjoy. Portrait Study I: Mr. Koch is a portrait and expression study for a 2- figure composition that involves two male figures engaged in an argument. A life-size portrait study of the model gives me the opportunity to learn how the forms their face responds to their moods, to learn their likeness and persona. The model, Mr. Terry Koch, posed for the more aggressive of the two figures. I asked him to portray a man that is stern, dogmatic. The studies will often evolve into independent pieces that are exhibited and collected separately; but at the same time they support the narrative of the larger composition.”
-- Alicia Ponzio

Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts directly from the artist

Intuition: ALFA Focuses on Women Artists at American Legacy Fine Arts, May 7-28, 2016

First Place in Sculpture, Portrait Society of America's 2016 International Portrait Competition

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