Jeremy Lipking

Jeremy Lipking

Tuesday Morning

  • Oil on canvas
  • 18" x 24", artwork
  • 26" x 32" x 1.875", framed
  • Contemporary


In stock

On consignment with American Legacy Fine Arts from a private collector.

American contemporary artist, Jeremy Lipking, is recognized for his enigmatic figure paintings as well as for his luminous landscapes. His proficiency in both genres compels a comparison between his work and that of another versatile American artist, John Singer Sargent (1856-1925). The painting style of both Lipking and Sargent is distinguished by the application of spontaneous and deliberate brushstrokes. Whether portraying mysterious female figures (Lipking) or gracious women from high society (Sargent), there is exquisite poetry and authenticity to their energetic brushstrokes. Additionally, both Lipking and Sargent favor subjects for their beauty as well as for their intelligence, as symbolized by the inclusion of literary elements in such paintings as Lipking's Tuesday Morning (c. 2005) and Sargent's Mosquito Nets (1908). A further similarity is expressed in their compositions that emphasize languid poses among contrasting palettes of cool tones and rich vibrant colors.

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