Kate Sammons – Expect the Unexpected

Kate Sammons is a delightful bundle of energy who brings an exacting and inquisitive mind to her masterful work as an artist. Trained classically and drawing inspiration from the arts of the Renaissance, Sammons is known for her exquisitely rendered still life and portraiture. But most interestingly, she bravely steps away from typical versions of these, inventing her own intriguing imagery.

“I am trained as a realist painter and have a very academic background,” explains Sammons, “but these days I find myself longing to reach into the subconscious and dreams and memories for subject matter. You know when you see something just on the edge of your vision…almost like one of those floaters you can see in your eye… the ideas I have for a painting are almost like these. The more they catch my attention, the more I want to look and examine.” And she continues, “Exploring realism is difficult enough, when a painting must be perfect at each stage, and it was difficult breaking away from the way I was trained. But now, I also want to go into more personal territory, the reason I think I wanted to become an artist in the first place.”

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California Art Club Newsletter Spring Special 2016 Kate Sammons