Béla Bácsi

Béla Bácsi

Donna Della Luna

  • Bronze
  • 64" x 30" x 30", artwork
  • Contemporary

Not Available

Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts directly from the artist

The artist's proof of Donna Della Luna "has been completed and currently in a private collection. The next order will be Edition #1 of only 8 to be made. The sculpture is personally handcrafted by the artist and is made of bronze with 23-karat gold leaf. The circular base is made of fine, brushed stainless steel and measures approximately 24 inches in diameter. The height of the stand is 24 inches (complete height with sculpture is 64 inches). The work is available by special order and will take up to 6 months for the artist to complete. A 50% deposit is required.

Artist's Statement
"The design emphasis is on the contrast between geometric and human forms. The subject is based on classical antiquity and the idea of the moon symbolizing womanhood. In Donna Della Luna the woman is portrayed as regal and confident. With her left index finger pointing to herself, she lets us know that she is the goddess of her realm."
—Béla Bácsi

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