David C. Gallup


  • 24" x 24", artwork
  • Contemporary

Not Available

Artist Statement
“Everything is in motion; some things more than others according to our perspective. Even the most seemingly stationary items are hurtling through time and space at inconceivable speeds, but it is the motion of an object relative to the viewer which interests me in my paintings.  In a still life, it could be the viewer’s head leaning a bit to one side or the other as an object is examined, or a stationary object seen
at a glance as the viewer walks past.  Whatever the justification, it is the elusive, seemingly impossible goal of showing subjects not from one fixed place in time and space, but from a more holistic perspective which has most recently captured my imagination, and even become an obsession.  This concept is essentially an outgrowth of a cubist concern: that showing an object from a fixed time and
space is an inaccurate and arbitrary choice that deserves to be questioned. Have you ever seen a floral arrangement, in your whole life, from only one fixed point?  I have not, and I don’t choose to present the experience from a false, though simpler, perspective.”
David Gallup

Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts directly from the artist

"The External and The Contemplative" at American Legacy Fine Arts, Pasadena, CA, October 24-November 21, 2015

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