China’s Crown Jewel
Recent Paintings of Guangzhou Province by American Artists

June 21, 2019 – August 11, 2019

Location: American Legacy Fine Arts

The rapid transformation of Southern China’s Guangzhou province from an agricultural region into a global leader for international trade has truly created a feast for the eyes, juxtaposing charming Chinese houseboats floating along the Pearl River Delta against a backdrop of imposing skyscrapers. The expeditious changes that have occurred since the 1980s have caught, in particular, the attention of artists who once lived in the region – some while training at the prestigious Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. They now find themselves fondly reminiscing about the pristine countryside that they used to explore. In recent years, these Chinese artists, who now call California home, have traveled back to their native land to capture in artwork glimpses of both the past and the continually evolving present of this sprawling port city that has embraced Western influences.

Accompanying the Chinese-American artists on these plein air painting expeditions have been their American counterparts, many of whom had never visited China – let alone painted in the world’s most populous country. This exhibition features more than 40 paintings that resulted from these trips, revealing a range of fascinating perspectives on life in China’s third largest city.

Featured Artwork