Christopher L. Cook

Christopher L. Cook

Seagulls and Shattered Sun; Malibu

  • Oil on canvas panel
  • 12" x 16", artwork
  • 16" x 20" x 1", framed
  • Contemporary


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Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts directly from the artist

Artist Statement
"The vitality generated when I placed these electric sunflowers into their red glass vessel demanded a blue curtain of ocean. A quick ride to the coast found me setting a floral arrangement in the sand and the open air. Once the charming sunlit colors were composed exactly as imagined I began to paint, and was soon met by the restless curiosity of seagulls. Their presence, unwelcome at first, provoked in me the anticipation of a wrecked still-life and a fruitless endeavor. However, after chasing them away multiple times the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius occurred to me, ‘That which stands in the way becomes the way.’ With this in mind, the seagulls turned out to be a vital relationship, between the environment and otherwise foreign still-life. Their fervent personalities complementing the colorful dynamism.”
— Christopher Cook

"Fleeting Moments: Works en Plein Air" at American Legacy Fine Arts, Pasadena, California, November 17 - December 15, 2017

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