Kevin A. Short

Kevin A. Short

The Not Defeated

  • Oil on canvas
  • 29" x 40", artwork
  • 36" x 47" x 1.625", framed
  • Contemporary


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Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts directly from the artist

Artist Statement
“This is part of my series, ‘Disappearing San Onofre.’ While down at San Onofre painting, I saw a boy teaching himself to surf. I noticed him come in after one too many mouthfuls of salt water. He took the time to wash the sand and seaweed off his board, but he was too tired to put away his board. He just sat down. Rather than trying to cover his crumpled pride through cussing and expletives, he sat, looked, and recovered, measuring his experience. It was heart lifting, in what looked to be defeat, he was not defeated, only disappointed—knowing he will try again. I could only smile. This kid had a rare kind of victory.”
—Kevin Short

20th Anniversary Exhibition: Celebrating a Legacy of Excellence, American Legacy Fine Arts, Pasadena, California, November 10 – December 16, 2023

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