Peter Adams

Peter Adams

The Resurrection

  • Oil on panel
  • 96" x 48", artwork
  • 123" x 64", framed
  • Contemporary
  • Price Upon Request

Acquired by American Legacy Fine Arts directly from the artist

Artist Statement
"As Mary Magdalene came out of the Tomb of the Holy Sepulcher, she may have been partially blinded by the sun's bright morning glare and mistook Jesus for the gardener. As recounted in John 20:16, as soon as He said her name, 'Mary,' she recognized him and worshipped him, saying, 'Rabboni.' I wanted to capture the effect of intense contre-jour (back-lighting) that Mary Magdalene may have experienced."
—Peter Adams

Watch video on "Peter Adams: Inspirations for the Fourteen Stations of the Cross and Sacred Themes" HERE.

Created in 2018, this magnificent, life-size, oil painting is inspired by the biblical account of Christ’s Resurrection, as described in the New Testament in John 20:16. Throughout centuries, and particularly during the Renaissance, artists have depicted the sacred theme for church commissions as inspirational imagery and as aids to Bible storytelling. Peter Adams takes a new approach in portraying Mary Magdalene as she experiences a range of emotions, from bewilderment to awe and reverence.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, Los Angeles, California, 2018-2021
"Inspirations From the Fourteen Stations of the Cross and Sacred Themes" - USC Caruso Catholic Center, Los Angeles,  March 26 - June 16, 2018

Advertisement, American Art Collector Magazine, March 2018
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